You will be surprised to know this about Aamir

It’s been just about a long time since Aamir Khan made his huge Bollywood make a big appearance with QSQT and from that point forward he has been one of the top stars of Bollywood. All the more so after he turned his profession around for good with Ghulam, 1947 Earth and afterward later with Lagaan. From that point forward he has turned into an ensured film industry achievement and his movies have all been extolled by commentators too. While he has turned into the blurb kid of monetarily suitable dependable film, he has demonstrated his flexibility with various sort of parts – be it body change for Dangal, Ghajini and so forth. He has done it all. Yet there is one thing that Aamir Khan shies far from, on the extra large screen. Also, that thing is ‘the low edge shot’. Yes you read it right. Aamir Khan bans his chiefs from taking low edge shots of him. Considering that he is maybe the main on-screen character who has no issues in doing a full length highlight film with silver hair and a distending tummy, this surely comes as a shock.

A source only told BollywoodLife, “Aamir Khan has this ‘no low edge shot’ condition in his agreement. Notwithstanding when he worked with Ram Gopal Varma in 1995, the statement confined Ramu from shooting Aamir Khan that way. Considering RGV has his own particular manners for shooting a film, with bunches of such shots.”

Well so now you know, you are never going to see Aamir Khan in low-point shots.