Sonakshi-Amaan Malik war intensifies

It begun with a Twitter go head to head between performing artist Sonakshi Sinha and artist Armaan Malik with the last fervently contradicting the possibility of on-screen characters singing for themselves on screen. Yet, now the issue has obtained broad repercussions.

Clarifies Armaan, “It takes years and years of devotion to be able to sing and pursue music to reach a professional level. Leave music and singing, any art for that matter requires that. Millions of singers are finding opportunities to work. Imagine how crushed they would feel when they see non-singers getting that chance?!”

So is Armaan calling the stars-turned-vocalist non-artists? Says Amaan, “All I believe in is putting the truth out there. When these actors sing their own songs the average middleclass movie going public thinks, ‘If they can sing, we can also sing’. The standard of music and singing in our cinema has fallen so long because anybody can sing these days. Aspiring singers will stop putting efforts in learning music, ragas, solfege, classical music, etc.”

Playback artist Alka Yagnik, however can’t help contradicting Armaan. “Why not? Why shouldn’t actors sing? In any case anybody can be made to sound like a singer these days, what with the help of advanced technology like auto-tuning.”

Composer Amit Trivedi concurs with Alka, “As long as the actors sing really well it’s all really good. I don’t have a problem with actors singing. Alia Bhatt and Diljit Dosanjh have sung for me.”