Salman Khan’s epic reaction on seeing Malaika Arora at a party


Salman Khan is known for as a largehearted man but if you cross his path than he can be the nastiest enemy. This was learnt by Malaika Arora at a recent gathering. Yes, the Dabangg Khan’s sister in law attended the same party as Salman and his girlfriend. The lady was given a cold shoulder by the actor at the party.

Salman Khan and Iulia were partying with Kareena Kapoor and her girl gang. Mailaka being one of them. On seeing his ex-sister in law at the party Salman Khan was in a bad mood.

Sources said, “Knowing that Salman’s tempers could flare easily, his aides formed a circle around him. He could be heard muttering beneath his breath, he was rather angry.”

Sources further added, “Reportedly, Malaika too maintained a safe distance from Salman and the two did not exchange a single word throughout the night. Once Malaika Arora tried to go up to him and talk, but Salman Khan simply ignored her.”

Malaika Arora has recently separated from Salman Khan’s brother Arbaaz Khan. This is not acceptable to the Khan. He tried in vain to patch up things between the couple but the ‘Chaiya Chaiya’ actress was in no mood to listen to his requests. At present Malaika and Arbaaz have applied for a divorce and are undergoing counselling at the family court.

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