Ranbir Kapoor amazing transformation for upcoming Sanajy Dutt’s biopic


Bollywood hearthrob Ranbir Kapoor is eager about his next project. This is a biopic on Bollywood’s most loved star Sanjay Dutt whose life has been filled with many ups and downs. Now Ranbir and Sanju Baba are as different from each other as chalk and cheese in their looks and body too. But the makers have taken the help of innumerable skillful artists to overcome this hurdle.

Yes, the ‘Barfi’ star has been skilfully transformed into Sanjay Dutt with the help of prosthetic.

Sources said, “Rajkumar Hirani’s skillful artists have taken the help of prosthetic, make-up, and hair styling to transform Ranbir Kapoor into Sanjay Dutt. Ranbir is apparently getting a makeover to look much older and to resemble the tough Dutt.

Sources added, “The Kapoor scion is also researching as much as possible on Sanjay Dutt. He has facsimiled iconic looks of Sanjay on his phone.”

We are eager to see Ranbir Kapoor in Sanjay Dutt’s role on Big screen soon.

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