Check out the Sex Scandals that shook Bollywood


Bollywood is not all glamour and notoriety; among incalculable rising stars, there are some that fall. The showbiz business is known for controversies–sometimes feline battles seethed by contemporary on-screen characters, or undertakings that make the news. Now and again, it’s not the issue, but rather the separation that takes the show. Nonetheless, what snatches the consideration of fans, media and kindred VIPs are sex embarrassments.

Intentionally or accidentally performing artists and executives get involved in excursions and energetic sex, as well as in long-drawn court fights. Regularly bits of gossip end up being valid, while there are examples where they are precluded by the court. Whatever the result, these bits of gossip spread like fierce blaze, and shape the regular man’s thoughts about a star. In the whole deal, certain embarrassments can possibly even demolish a big name’s life and profession. In this way, here are probably the most stunning sex embarrassments that Bollywood has ever observed.

1. Shiney Ahuja Accused Of Rape

In June 2009, “Criminal” star Shiney Ahuja was blamed for assaulting his residential offer assistance. The promising star invalidated the cases at first, notwithstanding setting off to the degree of saying that “things like this happen” to the police. A few associates in the film business and additionally his better half, Anupam, asserted that the claims were untrue and that he was being confined. In any case, therapeutic reports demonstrated that the young woman had been constrained. It was then that Shiney admitted to his wrongdoing, expressing that he was uninformed that “assault” was a genuine offense.